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The OceanSITES Deep-Ocean Observating Strategy

Published June 29, 2012 (updated Sept 17, 2014)

Deep T/S sensor challenge Deep Ocean observations (below 2000m) have been recognized as an important gap in the global ocean observing system (OceanObs09). An international framework is being developed for filling this gap, called the "deep ocean observing strategy". At the December, 2011 La Jolla OceanSITES meeting, it was decided to make use of the many existing OceanSITES platforms in deep water to make an "instant" contribution towards this need and goal. OceanSITES moorings at over 50 sites already carry deep temperature/salinity (T/S) sensors.


The Challenge

We had plans to deploy another 50 within a year and we are now getting close to meeting that goal. We have nearly 50 sensors contributed by agencies for swapping out and calibrations but still could use more from OceanSITES PI's. The chart and tables below show the progress and the contributors.

PI Contributed Microcats

Matching Contributions

OceanSITES will coordinate the pool of sensors, e.g. by agreeing on locations where the sensors will be used, and by rotating sensors between sites and PI groups for intercalibrations. OceanSITES will also establish guidelines and best practices for calibration procedures. Sea-Bird Inc is contributing free calibrations and will work with OceanSITES on sensor performance, stability, and improved technologies for this deep observing challenge.

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