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Year Meeting and Location Presentations
2020 VIRTUAL meeting, 14-18 September http://jcomm.info/oceansites2020
2018 Kiel meeting Attendees and Agendas
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11th Steering Committee Meeting
25-29 April, 2016, Southampton, United Kingdom

Attendees and Agendas

Plenary Science Session
- Professor Ed Hill (NOC, Director), Lampitt, Weller, Send: Welcome and meeting overview/objectives
- Stephanie Henson: Observing climate change trends in ocean biogeochemistry: When and where
- George Petihakis: ADCP observations of migration patterns of zooplankton in the Cretan Sea
- Roberto Bozzano: Multidisciplinary Observations at the W1-M3A Observatory in the Ligurian Sea
- Richard Lampitt: Insights from PAP after 30 years of observation
- Penny Holliday: Overturning in the sub-polar North Atlantic: OSNAP
- Vanessa Cardin: Effects of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea circulation on the thermohaline properties as recorded by fixed deep-ocean observatories
- Andrey Proshutinsky: Status of the Beaufort Gyre Observing System (BGOS, 2003-2015)
- Jin Yong: Introduction to the Ocean Research Stations in Korea
- Femke de Jong: Results from LOCO/CIS and future plans
- Scott Nodder: NZOTS-STM and SAM
- Roger Lukas: WHOTS HOT @ ALOHA
- Karin Larsen: Transport mooring arrays in NACLIM
- Wilken Jon-von Appen: Recent science results from the Frontiers in Arctic Marine Monitoring (FRAM) observatory in Fram Strait
- Andr�s Cianca: ESTOC: Scientific progress and new insights from curren observations
- Meghan Cronin: Activities at the Kuroshio Extension Observatory and Station Papa
- Makio C. Honda: Detection of Fukushima-derived particulate radio-cesium in the deep of the western Pacific
- Laurent Coppola: Physical and biogeochemical long-term changes and rapid anomalies observed in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea
- Karin Margretha H. Larsen: Observed changes in two high-latitude branches of the AMOC during the two last decades
- Stephen Dye: Denmark Strait Overflow - Angmagssallik Array
- Robert Weller: Highlights from the STRATUS mooring
- Uwe Send: Highlights from the CCE moorings
- Matthias Lankhorst: 16 Years at 16�N: The Meridional Overturning Variability Experiment (MOVE)
- George Petihakis : Technological Harmonisation & Procedural Harmonisation WP2 & WP3

Steering Committee
- Send, Weller: Data Management Overview
- Champika Gallage: Project Office Progress
- Champika Gallage: Status of the OceanSITES Network
- Derrick Snowden: GDAC holdings/Archive holdings
- Wilken-Jon von Appen on behalf of Torsten Kanzow: AtlantOS contributions to OceanSITES:Derived timeseries from Transport Mooring Arrays
- Matthias Lankhorst: Deep Observing Network
- Matthias Lankhorst: OceanSITES instrument options matrix
- Diane Stanitski: Governance
- Anthony H. Knap: Promotion of OceanSITES
- Francisco Chavez: GEO, Blue Planet and MBON
- Molly Baringer: Path Forward
- Uwe Send: Site Categories
- Meghan Cronin: Creation and dissemination of products
- Saleem Arrigo: NOAA overview/Program Management

8th Data Management Team Meeting
25-29 April, 2016, Southampton, United Kingdom

Attendees and Agendas

- Derrick Snowden: DMT Report
- Thierry Carval/Jing Zhou: System Status from GDACs
- Kevin O'Brien: Products and services promoting OS Data
- Justin Buck: Incentives for participation
- Benjamin Pfeil: Carbonate System Data
- Justin Buck: Data QC and best practices
- Nathan Anderson: How to expand base of data users or data contributors
- Matthias Lankhorst: Range of variables currently received
- Justin Buck: Lessons learned from Argo data format


Steering Committee Meeting
03-04 November, 2014, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
Meeting Report (PDF)
Attendees and Agendas

- Chang, KI: OceanSITES Status (Korea)
- E. Pattahabi Rama Rao: Long term current measurements in the equatorial Indian Ocean using deep-sea moorings
- E. Pattahabi Rama Rao: Ocean Observing System (OMNI Buoy Network, Bay of Bengal Observatory)
- Carment, Grados: Initiatives For Sustained Ocean Time Series In Peru
- Diane Stanitski: OceanSITES: Some recommendations for Communication, Coordination, Collaboration and Next Steps (from one agency perspective)
- Laura de Steur: NACLIM at OceanSITES

Data Management Team Meeting
05-06 November, 2014, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
Meeting Report to follow
Attendees and Agendas


Steering Committee Meeting
27-28 May, 2013, Seoul, South Korea
Meeting Report (PDF) (April 2014)
Attendees and Agendas

- Baringer, Molly: SAMOC Update
- Chang, KI: Marginal Sea OceanSITES site: EC1
- Eluri, Pattabhi: INCOIS - Status on NDBP
- Ha, Ho Kyung: Long-term Monitoring in the Amundsen Sea: KOPRI's Status
- Jan, Sen: Open-ocean, long-term moorings operated by Taiwan
- Jeon, Dongchull:
- Lee, Jae Hak: KIOST's Activities of Time Series Measurements in Open Ocean
- Liang, Chu Jin: Chinese mooring and buoy observations in the open-ocean
- Murty, VSN: Status on Equatorial Indian Ocean
- Pagnani, Maureen: Update on NOC contribution
- Santiago-Mandujano, Fernando: Station ALOHA: Science and Status
- Sato, Olga: Brazilian operated open-ocean sites PIRATA and Atlas-B
- Schewe, Ingo: Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) Updates
- Sutton, Adrienne: NOAA PMEL Mooring Network
- Trull, Tom: Australian Blue Water Observing System Updates

Data Management Team Meeting
29-30 May, 2013, Seoul, South Korea
Meeting Report (PDF)
Attendees and Agendas


Steering Committee Meeting
1-2 December 2011, La Jolla, CA USA
Meeting Report (PDF) (April 2012)
Attendees and Agendas

- Coppola, Laurent: CNRS - Coastal Moorings and MOOSE Network (7MB)
- Gordon, Arnold: Surface Water Injections into the Deep-Ocean - (2.2MB)
- Hidas, Marty: Australian Bluewater Observing System - (1.1MB)
- Kim, Kuh: Deep Ocean Monitoring: the East Sea - (4.4MB)
- Lampitt, Richard: FixO3 Overview - (4.1MB)
- Meinen, Chris: NOAA/AOML Open Ocean Time-Series - (5.1MB)
- Murty, VSN: Status on Equatorial Indian Ocean - (8.3MB)
- Nodder, Scott: NZ Open Ocean Time Series - (0.5MB)
- Pattabhi and Rao: INCOIS - Status on NDBP - (5.5MB)
- Schewe, Ingo: AWI - Fram Straight - (2.2MB)
- Urbano, Domingos: PIRATA Status - (2.6MB)
- Velez-Belchi: EBC Mooring - (1MB)

Data Management Team Meeting
29-30 November 2011, La Jolla, CA USA
Meeting Report (PDF)
Attendees and Agendas

- Neufeld, David: Documenting Data to Support Discovery and Use (795KB)
- Zhou, Jing: UDDC Adoption and Example - (475KB)


Data Management Team Meeting
25 - 26 March 2010, Paris, France
Meeting Report (PDF)
Attendees and Agendas


Steering Committee and
Data Management Team Meeting
17-19 September, Venice, Italy
SC Report
DMT Report
Attendees and Agendas


Time Series Science & Data Team Meeting
11-14 April, Vienna, Austria
Meeting Report
Data & Science Team Agenda

- EurosSITES - OceanSITES_Pagnani.pdf - (36KB)
- Hawaii Ocean Time-Series HOT - Church - (1.3MB)
- Lankhorst_OSmeeting_dataformat.pdf - (48KB)
- NDBC Brief to OceanSITES - (2.6MB)
- 04_ots_data-Mgt-and-commitments.pdf - (1.4MB)
- CoriolisGDAC_fileList.pdf - (24KB)
- CoriolisGDAC_status.pdf - (72KB)
- OceanSITES QC.pdf - (28KB)
- oceansites-2008-vienna-meeting.pdf - (44KB)

Time Series Science & Data Team Meeting
16-19 February, Hawaii, USA
Data Team Report Science Team Agenda

- OceanSITES_Lampitt_Hawaii 2006.ppt - (572kB)
- OceanSITES_McPhaden.ppt - (1.9MB)
- OceanSITES_vanAken_LOCO2006.ppt - (2.3MB)
- OceanSITES_Dickey_Honolulu_06_vers3.ppt - (41.53MB)
- TRITONFeb2006oceanSITES.ppt - (10.93MB)
- TENATSO_flyer.ppt - (9.9 MB)

Time Series Science Team Meeting
6-9 January, Puerto Rico
Meeting Report


22-24 January, CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
OceanSITES Report

GEO International Science Team 3rd Meeting
3-5 April, Observatoire Oceanologique de Villefranche-sur-mer, France

- Biosensor presentation - Francisco Chavez (2152kB)
- White paper presentation - Francisco Chavez (2040kB)
- Sensors presentation - Francisco Chavez (4736kB)
- Update - Tommy Dickey (8120kB)
- HiLaTs Project - Sus Honjo (10328kB)
- Ocean Reference Time-Series Moorings: Acoustics -Bruce M. Howe (520kB)
- Story from the UK - Richard Lampitt (1048kB)
- Measurements of the air-sea flux and the partial pressure of CO2 at the sea surface by autonomous drifting or moored platforms: CARIOCA buoys - Liliane Merlivat (560kB)
- Ocean Observations Initiative NSF MREFC - John Orcutt (1800kB)
- Suggestions for Data Management within Ocean Timeseries Data - Pouliquen (75kB)
- POGO presentation - Shubha Sathyendranath (272kB)

GEO International Science
16-18 February, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Draft White Paper


Oceanographic Time Series Workshop
21-23 May, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA
Meeting Report

27-29 Nov, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada
OceanSITES Report


OceanObs 1999
18-22 October, St Raphael, France

Surface Fluxes and Surface Reference Stations
Data Presentation

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