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Putting eyes and ears in the deep ocean

OceanSITES is a worldwide system of long-term, deepwater reference stations measuring dozens of variables and monitoring the full depth of the ocean, from air-sea interactions down to 5,000 meters.

Since 1999, the international OceanSITES science team has shared both data and costs in order to capitalize on the potential of the moorings and ship-based time series. The growing network now consists of about 30 surface and 30 subsurface arrays. Satellite telemetry enables near real-time access to OceanSITES data by scientists and the public.

OceanSITES is an integral part of the Global Ocean Observing System. The network complements satellite imagery and other in-situ observation data (like Argo floats) by extending the dimensions of time and depth.

For more information or to coordinate your research with the OceanSITES program, please contact the OceanSITES project office.

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